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30 GOLD BARS: Thoughts, concepts, and affirmations for creatives, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and game changers.

In 30 GOLD BARS, Natalie Star offers a refreshing perspective on your gifts, potential, and greatness, while empowering you to possess a heightened outlook of who you are.  Designed to be a quick read, this book consists of thirty short and powerful thoughts (Gold Bars) that were meant to be discussed with other great minds. Following each Gold Bar are 7 questions to spark conversation, and lined pages providing space for notes, journaling, and collecting gems while reading and engaging with others

From virtual meetings, group discussions, and self-affirmations to social media interactions, coffee meetups, and mastermind groups, this book will spark prosperous debates, discussions, and exchanges.

30 GOLD BARS provides the opportunity for you to:

  • consume content that deeply resonates with your identity and your aspirations,
  • initiate conversations that feed your grandest dreams, and
  • cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who share your hunger for greatness.

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